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          Survey of Resources to Support Clients to Improve their Financial Literacy

          East Sussex County Council's Financial Inclusion Steering Group is working on an action plan for improving financial literacy in the county. The resulting 'Plan on a Page' will set out good examples of what works for people working in the field and their clients. We hope you might be able to help us by completing the survey below with tools, products and services which you are confident to recommend. Before you decide whether to take part in this survey, please read the below information.

          Who can complete the survey?
          This survey is open to everyone working with clients to improve their financial capability or people in other roles who would like to contribute ideas.

          What will the survey involve?
          The survey contains questions about the resources available to improve financial literacy and mid-life money management.  It will take approximately 6 minutes to complete. Your responses will be anonymous.

          What will happen to what I say?
          Your responses will be anonymous. The findings from the survey, combined across all participants, will be shared with the Council and other organisations interested in improving financial literacy. We’ll use the findings to inform the Financial Literacy Action Plan. For more information about how we use and store data, please see the privacy notice for the project https://www.citizensadvice1066.co.uk/financialliteracysurvey.

          Who is organising and funding the survey?
          This project is being funded by and carried out by staff members of Citizens Advice 1066.

          Contact for Further Information
          If you have any questions you would like answered before deciding whether to take part, please contact Morgan Oliver (morgan@citizensadvice1066.co.uk). If you have any concerns about the way in which the survey has been conducted, you should contact the CEO of Citizens Advice 1066, Tracy Dighton (Tracydighton@citizensadvice1066.co.uk).