• Astute Shopper Blog No.2 2020

        • Monday 23rd March 2020

          Coronavirus – our message is shop locally

          A trip around the major supermarkets on the 18th/19th March, demonstrated they are still struggling to keep pace in replenishing shelves from shoppers’ current huge appetite to stock up on virtually every commodity.

          While the major supermarkets have enough product in the supply chain, it appears that as deliveries arrive in store, and store staff start to replenish shelves, the product is being bought in higher quantities than normal needs, faster than staff can replenish.

          At the moment it seems to be the case that you have to be in the right store at the right time to shop.

          In Astute Shopper Blog No.1 of this year, we concentrated on the impact that lack of availability in big supermarkets was having on older people and vulnerable persons, with some tips to help.

          Tips in this Blog will help older people and vulnerable persons as well as everyone else.

          So shop locally:

          1. Local convenience stores appear to be holding up better than supermarkets for availability, though obviously their stockholding is a lot less than supermarkets.
          1. If you are struggling to buy basics that you need check your local convenience store. 
          1. Remember also the local butcher greengrocer and baker. Who all appear to be holding stock levels longer than the big supermarkets.
          1. Also remember your local home milk delivery service. This is likely to be milk and more. As the name suggests, they supply more than just milk.
          1. You can get a whole range of dairy products and more delivered to your front door.