• How to be an Energy Champion

        • This week is all about energy awareness so I just wanted to let you know a few things we can all do to help out our older family, friends and neighbours in the cold winter months.

          Here's my guide to being a local Energy Champion: 

          - Knock on the door and say hello! 
          First things first, just a friendly knock and a chat to ask how they are, and if there's anything they need. If it's a cold snap then offering to pick up a few bits of shopping might help to save people braving the outdoors. For elderly neighbours, a gentle reminder to ask whether they have had a chance to go to the doctors to get the flu jab could be a life saver. 

          - Keeping homes warm and healthy! 
          The cold winter temperatures can cause a variety of health problems, to try and avoid these it's best to keep the home heated to 18 degrees, for older people trying to keep the bedroom at this temperature during the night is also a good idea. Home heating controls can be a bit baffling but using them correctly can help heat homes efficiently and ensure the heating is only on when it's needed. 

          - Ask us! 
          If you are helping someone that is finding it difficult to meet their energy costs, or keep their home at a healthy warm temperature then there's lots of help available locally. Energise Sussex Coast run regular energy clinics on a Tuesday morning   in the Town Hall and at various community locations, and can offer free home visits to people who are unable to reach the clinic. Citizens Advice 1066 hold an energy advice desk in the CAB, in Renaissance House every Monday morning during the winter. Both organisations will help you access any grants or support that you are eligible for. Email for details of the next  clinics: Kate@energisesussexcoast.co.uk and Zowie@citizensadvice1066.co.uk or call 03444 111 444. 

          Energise Sussex Coasts supports local residents that would like to become Energy Champions. We run a variety of training days, community events and have a lovely network of friendly local people who volunteer their time as Energy Champions. If you would like more details, or to come along to one of our free training days then please contact Kate@energisesussexcoast.co.uk or browse our website for more details.