• Astute Shopper Blog No.1 2020

        • Older people’s priority shopping times and home delivery

          During the current Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic, there has been unprecedented food shopping panic across most product groups in all supermarkets and food stores.  Supermarkets have repeatedly offered reassurance that there is no need to panic buy or build up supplies at home, as there is plenty of supply in the food chain and frequent delivery schedules to all stores to meet normal everyday demand. Unfortunately, however, these pleas are being ignored leading to empty shelves across food supermarkets.

          Older people, unable to get out as regularly as younger persons, or travel far from their homes, appear to be disproportionately impacted by being unable to buy their basic food and household products when they need them.   

          The following tips for older persons are offered to help with sourcing their basic needs, but will require the support of family friends, neighbours or support groups.


          1. Most of the big supermarkets from 16th March have revised their opening hours to give them time to replenish when deliveries arrive. In addition, they have designated specific times, just for older people and vulnerable persons to shop. These times vary by store, but in the main are for 2 hours first thing in the morning from 8.00am until 10.00am.
          1. The big four supermarkets, plus Iceland and Ocado, operate a home delivery service. Again, most of the supermarkets have prioritised delivery slots for older people and vulnerable persons to ensure they get their order delivered.   
          2. If an older person has no internet, smart technology or internet skills. Family, friends, neighbours or other support networks can order on their own accounts and alter the delivery address from the account holder to the address to be delivered to - or they can set up accounts if appropriate.
          1. Prescription medicines. As is the norm now, older and vulnerable persons can have their medication delivered to their homes free. Most pharmacies in the Paydens group, plus Boots,  have a daily delivery service.