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          Blog 6 - Digital, Online grocery shopping

          Online grocery shopping is the fastest growing sector of the food retail market.

          Why - It has a number of advantages to shopping in the live store.
          1) Convenience, if you are time poor having your shopping delivered to your front door when you want it delivered is obviously a great advantage if you work or cannot easily get to the supermarket.
          2) If you live in a rural location and rely on public transport or live in a high rise block and struggle because you have children with a buggy or are elderly and struggle with mobility, the convenience of having your shopping delivered to you can be a great help.
          3) You can order your shopping 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at your convenience.
          4) You select an order delivery slot convenient to you.
          5) Delivery charges can vary according to peal or off peak slots and days of the week, but are you generally very low or sometimes free.
          6) The price of the product is the same as in store.
          7) The promotional offers are the same as in store.
          8) Online shopping is a great way to order your repeat staples particularly, heavy items like washing power and tins etc.
          9) if you are on a fixed budget ordering online can help in keeping to your budget spend.
          10) Receiving a Home shopping delivery can be a social contact to the elderly who may not have much social contact, plus means of checking that an elderly person living alone is ok.
          11) If you live in an area with no mainstream supermarket you can benefit from supermarket prices online, giving you better value for money than your local convenience store.


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