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        • The toppest top tip for supermarket shopping - Get to know the unit costs.

          The number 1 top tip when shopping in your supermarket, is to get into the habit of looking at the unit price located usually in the bottom right half of the shelf edge label that gives the price of the product. The unit price  can vary in how it is calculated, but normally is expressed as a price per 100 grams.

          Measuring the unit price per 100g for each of the size options available will allow you to decide on which size, is the best value for money, even if one of the options is on offer.

          Example 1 - Heinz Tomato ketchup. Priced in Asda 05/03/2017

          299g price £1.15 unit price  39.7p per 100g
          460g price £1.50 unit price  32.6p per 100g
          700g price £2.00 unit price  28.6  per 100g
          1Kg  price  £2.50  unit price  25.0 per 100g 

          Asda own brand ketchup 560g price 59p unit price 10.5p per 100g

          Asda value brand ketchup 500g price 38p unit price 7.6p per 100g

          Example 2 - Heinz Baked Beans. Priced in Asda 05/03/2017

          Snap pots 4x200g price £2.48 - Unit price 31.0p per 100g
          150g price 50p - Unit price 32.5 per 100g
          200g price 65p - Unit price 33.3 per 100g
          3 x 200g price £1.00 - Unit price 16.7 per 100g
          415g price 75p - Unit price 18.1p per 100g
          pot 1kg price 75p - Unit price 23.5 per 100g
          4 x 415g price £2.69 - Unit price 16.2per 100g
          6 x 415g price 33.00 - Unit price 12.0p per 100g

          Getting into the routine of scanning the unit prices, which takes seconds, will offer you the choice of which is the best value, or cheapest price option for your budget.

          Using the beans example above. A single tin of 415g is 75p. Buying a offer multi pack means if you shop around you should never currently pay more than 50p for a 415g can a saving of 33%. A single person who only wants a small portion options could by a 1kg pot and decant what portion is needed and refrigerate the pot for future use and save 24.6% on a single 150g tin.

          Using the ketchup example. The 700g at £2 is a promoted offer. However, the 1kg size is better value for money.

          The own brand option is 59.6% per 100g cheaper than the best unit price per 100g in the branded category. The value category is 69.6% cheaper than the best unit price per 100g in the branded category.


          Branded versus own label will be compared in a future blog.


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