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          Blog 4 - Smart technology, smart savings

          Download the My supermarket app to your smart phone. On this app you can set alerts of your favourite grocery products. When your favourite products are on promotion the alert will inform you of the offer or offers, the offer start date, and which supermarket including online Ocado the offer is available from.
          I never buy my favourite brand of butter for more than £2.00 for 500g or 2 for £4.00. The normal price ranges from £2.80 to £3.25 across the big 4 supermarktets. My supermarket alerts me to when my favourite butter is on offer at what price and in which supermarket. Sometimes it can be on offer in 2 different supermarkets at the same time but at £2.00 in one and £2.50 in another. The alert will give you visibility of the best offer available.

          Cashback sites - Non food shopping only. If you shop online for clothes, white good etc. Register with the cash back sites. The most common are Topcashback and Quidco. When you wish to shop online, go first to the cash back site. Enter into the search engine the retailer you are wishing to shop with. When you are directed to the link it will tell you the cash back % and let you click on the link to redirect you to the retailer. You then shop normally on the retailers page. For this simple and quick action you can receive cash back anywhere from 1.5% up to 10% and more. On large purchases like white goods this can give you back significant sums of money.

          When shopping online, most on line retailers, on the confirmation order/payment page offer the opportunity to enter a promo code. Always search for a code before confirming your order. There are savings to be made, even if it's a free delivery code.

          Online shopping for clothes can offer remarkable value for money there are High End retailers offering constant 50% off deals. Plus additional regular season clearance sales. If you can find a promo code this will reduce the cost further. Some give loyalty points as well up to £1 for every pound spent.

          I recently bought a coat that was 50% off. Further reduced by 10% in clearance sale. I used £19 of my loyalty points. I then received £25 loyalty points for my next purchase.

          I always buy white goods online. I may browse the store to check spec, appearance etc and compare brands. Then I order online. There are lots of online retailers now that offer very savings on white goods versus the High Street. Delivery is normally free you choose your delivery day and time slot...

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