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          Blog 10 - Loyalty cards and Collect points card.

          In pervious blogs I offered tips to make online purchases even better value for money by using cash back sites and seeking out promotion coupons.

          This blog offers similar tips for in store purchases, but can also make your online buys even greater value for money, by offering some fun incentives for saving for a trip, visit a theme park, plus a wide variety of things to buy or part - buy with money using collected points.

          Two of the biggest and most used loyalty cards are the Tesco club card and Avios to collect travel points... Tesco club card allows Tesco to target their customers with specific money off coupons based on previous regular products brought. Plus build up points to use in a variety of ways to buy from Tesco.com or convert to Avios points.

          Avios points can be saved to build up points to buy or part use with money for a holiday or trip, or use to buy a variety of other products. Avios can be collected from a number of sources and merged to one account for faster collection of points.

          A tip for planning that break abroad is to watch out for the BA sale in January where flights and holidays are on sale. Use Avios points to pay or part pay for this break.


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