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          If you have a landline phone and are fed up with all those unwanted nuisance calls that ring you at all times day and night, there is a solution. 

          Landline Phones with true cal technology have a blocking feature. The market leader for this type of phone is the BT 8610 series. 

          In simple terms, any call to your landline from a contact in the stored contacts in your phone will be able to get the ring tone and you will be able to see who is calling in the screen and answer as normal by pressing the green answer button. 
          If the caller is not in your contacts, the caller when they dial your number will be told by recorded message that your phone is guarded and to record their name, who they are and why they are ringing. Most unwanted callers will ring off at this stage. Other legitimate callers i.e. an engineer you are expecting, will have to wait a few seconds for you to hear their message and decide if you answer or not. When you answer the phone there will be a recorded prompt left by the caller telling you who they are. You press 1 for the call to be connected. 2 if you do not want to take the call but not have the number permanently barred, or 3 if you do not want to answer the call and have the number permanently barred from accessing your phone number. 

          The benefit of this type of phone is, you will only receive the calls you wish to answer, and block 100% the nuisance calls. 


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